Zirconium Copper Bars

Latest generation 3 phase Traction Motors are subjected to high torsional forces at elevated temperatures. Such demanding conditions require the Rotor Bars used in the motor to have resistance to softening at high temperatures, while having a high electrical conductivity as well.

Rotor Bars from Zirconium Copper (UNS C15000) have been developed for the Indian Railways, having a high tensile strength, high electrical conductivity and resistance to softening at elevated temperatures.

Rotor Bars made from Zirconium Copper are available in fully machined and ready to use condition as per customer drawing.


Close dimensional tolerances, width 50 and thickness 30 microns.

High Tensile Strength, above 400 MPa

High Conductivity, above 93% IACS

Resistance to softening, mechanical properties retained at up to 400 C.

Sizes Available

Width 25 mm maximum

Thickness 10 mm maximum

Length as per Customers requirement

Other sizes available upon request


Apart from the properties mentioned above we can supply in other tempers confirming to ASTM B747 as per customer requirement.

Raw Material Source

Raw material for this product is sourced from Mitsubishi Materials Corp, Japan.