About Us

Radhika Industries is a manufacturer and supplier of drawn sections of Copper and Copper Alloys for use in Rotating Electrical Machines.

In particular we manufacture Commutator Segments for DC traction motors and Rotor Bars for Three Phase AC traction motors.

We are OEM to the fourth largest railway network in the world “The Indian Railways”. In addition we supply Commutator Segments/Rotor Bars to most of the traction motor manufacturers in India. About one in three locomotives running on the Indian Railroads has a Traction Motor running on Commutator Segment/Rotor Bar supplied by us.

We have an experience of over 20 years in this industry and we are making Commutator Segments and Rotor Bars for Traction Motor designs of Hitachi, Alco, GE, ABB, BHEL and CLW.

We welcome any enquiry for Commutator Segments or Rotor Bars and assure a short lead time in the development of the same if not in our production already.

We are known for our quality and timely deliveries and are confident of being the supplier of choice for our customers.